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The history of MARTIN

MARTIN was founded in 2000, when the enterprise with the same name appeared in Elektrougli. Its first purpose was the production of such food products, as chips, rusks and roasted seeds. Soon the production of roasted seeds has become a priority.









Employees of the company have been constantly improving the quality of products due to the strict control of all the stages of the production cycle. Soon the production complex was opened, thus providing a complete process of technological procedures. There was created a transport enterprise called MARTIN-Trans at the same time. Thus was settled the problem with the delivery to the regions.

Due to the introduction of innovative technologies MARTIN is one of the recognized leaders in the production of processed sunflower seeds, rusks and a variety of canned products.

In addition, the company makes drinking water, sweet soda, high-quality beer etc.

Remarkably, MARTINS’s luxury beer has left all the competitors from around the world far behind.


We work and make delicious things for you since 2000








Today the staff of the company has a precise strategy of harmonious development and improvement of commercial and industrial activities.