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Company Martin has won 10 gold medals at the SIAL China 2016

SIAL China is the largest in South-East Asia Exhibition of food products and specialized equipment. In May 2016 this prestigious event has been held for the 17th time. And we are proud to announce that its strict professional jury noted the highest quality of the company's products.

In the category "Food concentrates, tea, coffee, spices, bee products, nuts” gold medals were awarded to:
- Sunflower seeds, roasted selective "Premium" "Ot Martina"
- Sunflower seeds roasted selective with sea salt "Ot Martina"
- Pumpkin seeds, roasted unpeeled with salt "Ot Martina".

In the category "beer, mineral water, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages" gold medals were awarded to:

- Apricot Jam,
- Peach Jam,
- Feijoa Kompot,
- Sloe Kompot,
- Sea buckthorn Kompot,
- Dogwood Kompot,
- Sea buckthorn Nectar.

The company's products also aroused great interest among foreign companies, experts and ordinary visitors. The exhibition gathered this year more than 66,000 visitors from around the world. We will not rest on our laurels and will continue to be actively involved in various professional exhibitions and tastings. Among the nearest plans of the company are participation in the tasting contest at the exhibition WorldFood Moscow 2016. Follow our news.


The trade mark "Ot Martina" has become one of the leaders of the competition program.

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