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Production of TM "Ot Martina"(From Martin) got four gold medals at once

Company "Martin" won gold in four categories a of large-scale international exhibition "Green Week - 2015" in Berlin. The jury gave the highest awards to the roasted seeds "Ot Martina", wheat-corn crackers "Ot Martina", walnut jam and two types of beer - dark "Martin 8.4» and classic light beer "Martin 5.5". "Green Week" - is one of the most prestigious agri-food exhibitions in the world. This year it was attended by about 2 thousand companies from 68 countries. The event was attended by over 70 ministers of agriculture from all the continents.

The trade mark "Martin" has become one of the leaders of the competition program.

For example, Premium sunflower seeds "Ot Martina» are hand-selected so that only large seeds could get into the packaging , and a special cooking technology provides the ideal level of roasting. Walnut jam of TM "Martin" received a gold medal for excellent taste and for natural ingredients : walnuts, sugar and spices. The same applies to the elite beer of TM "Martin". It is made from selected raw materials using modern technologies and the newest equipment. We must note that during the Russian exposition at the "Green Week-2015" in Berlin 170 companies from 15 Russian regions were represented.

Products of TM "Martin" are already known by international experts for a long time. Thus roasted seeds of "Ot Martina" have been winning gold medals and grand prix at prestigious international forums since 2008. Last year in Berlin at the "Green Week 2014" TM "Martin" was also among the winners. Experts confirm the competitiveness of its products on the international market and emphasize its high quality.

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