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Natural soda water

Package weight/ pieces a box:

Ingredients: Natural drinking water "MARTIN" is made from the basis of the purest artesian water enriched with gas bubbles. Such water, especially chilled, better thirst quencher and is distinguished by its refreshing properties.

By manufacture the moderate aeration of water, which once again underlines the unique taste, which is characteristic only for the water extracted from the well in the village of Belaya Glina.


     Box size (L х W х H) mm  >>  210 х 285 х 265
     The gross weight of one carton   >>  10,8
     The number of boxes on Euro pallet (0,8x1,2m)  >>  100
Package barcode4603453907214


   Valid 360 days after production date. Keep in a dry dark place at temperatures  from 2 ° C to 20 ° C and maximum 85% air relative humidity